Glenn Valentin

Curious inhabitant of Planet Earth

Read my new book
'Stronger than covid'
for free and stop being afraid of viruses and otheR things that kill us

Covid-19 ruined our lives

Millions of people died

It caused an economic loss of $16 trillion

The collateral damage is huge

but there's an elephant in the room

Below age 50, almost nobody died

90% of hospitalized patients had at least one comorbidity

People with comorbidities have 10x higher chance of dying

We have to take our masks off

The virus isn't that dangerous

But we are extremely unhealthy

As a result, our immune systems are weak

This book is a better solution than any vaccine

It explains why we need to live healthy

It explains how to make difficult changes

And no longer be afraid of things that kill us

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Glenn Valentin (°1991) is a Belgian writer, entrepreneur, endurance ahtlete, adventurer and physiotherapist. Consistent tendon inflammations as a competitive triathlete, as well as the development of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in his early and mid-twenties, made Glenn dive deeper into lifestyle medecine.


He discovered how making changes in his nutrition, sleep, stresslevels and social relationships made his issues dissapear, and wondered why nobody had thaught him the importance of these factors during his studies at the Medical Faculty of Ghent University. 

His deepdive into the medical literature also shocked Glenn about the order of magnitude of chronisch diseases in western societies, and the fact that they are merely caused by poor lifestyle and an unhealthy environment. What shocked Glenn even more is that even doctors all over the world lack a schooling in lifestyle medecine.

Government's actions and policies as a reaction to the Covid-19 showed a lack of holistic understanding of health. That's why Glenn decided to write a book that shows that a healthy population is a much more better strategy to deal with pandemics than waiting for a virus.

Glenn currenlty lives in the French Pyrenees, he's a enthusiastic adventurer and endurance athlete. In 2019, he finished 3th in the Bearman XTreme Full-Distance Triathlon. This year, he broke the Guinness World Record for longest distance travelled on a spacehopper.